"William has shown himself to be an enthusiastic, authentic speaker. I have seen him deliver several speeches and have always been impressed by his candor and the way he shares his ideas. His story is a unique one, and the audiences whom William speaks for are able to gain valuable insights from his message.​" 

Daniel Midson-Short, Consultant & Trainer at Primespeak
"William is a great inspirational speaker because he draws from his experience and mixed them with his own ideas on how to be courageous and to be true to yourself. In a world that only accepts the typical profile of a winner, his rise to fame is counter intuitive. But what really is a winner - or what is really winning? William defines it not only with his speech but who he is, a minority, no significant stage talents or looks yet becoming a national celebrity with a lot of fans. He is a speaker everybody should ought to listen to and learn from."

- Gerard Thomas Atienza, Manufacturing Manager at Paper Source Converting and Manufacturing Inc.
"William has a natural talent for engaging his audience during his presentations. He is a wonderful speaker - he knows how to use emotion and body language to better deliver powerful messages. He is also a fabulous storyteller - I always feel inspired after I hear his speech. He is definitely very rich in life experience, willing to share his stories with people and really dedicated in public speaking." 

- Xiaolu Han, Senior Scientist I, Immuno-Oncology at AbbVie
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"If you need a speaker who will do a great job, I highly recommend hiring William. He did a great job connecting with the audience and making it about them. They loved him and lined up for pictures afterwards.​" 

Rich Danby, President for Ottawa Real Estate Investors Organization (OREIO)

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